The Grind Time Wrestling Podcast: Battle for the Multiverse


May 15th, 2021

39 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

From the GTW commentary team, it's The Grind Time Wrestling Podcast! Join host "Handsome" Dan Solorzano, "Tugboat" Drew Kistler, Andy "A-Train" Liner, "Bonesaw" Ryan Rudnik, and The Darling Daniel Starling as they preview Grindtime Wrestling's Battle for the Multiverse, which takes place Saturday, May 22nd in Sarasota, Florida! Matches include: The Gifted v The Brofessionals for the GTW Tag Team Championship, A 4-way match for the 8th spot in the Battle for the Multiverse between Mike Hammer, The Blacksmith Zach Coldiron, Daemon the Supernatural Athlete, and Ikki of the 1000 Fangs, and The Battle for the Multiverse between Cameron Stewart, The Cheese, Cody Berringer, Lee Roy Shogun, Sir Knight Merrick Donovan, Jake Sterling, and Captain Aaron Nova!